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Tarot Reflections

February 1, 2004

Meditation: Five of Wands
Michelle Swan, Tarot Reader

Michelle Swan is a Tarot Reader and actress from The Bronx, New York. She fell in love with Tarot cards about four years ago, and has been a devoted lover ever since that time. Michelle has found her personal and spiritual development has flourished with the use of Tarot.

"I am delighted to write the Tarot Meditations and I hope you all enjoy reading them as well. Bright blessings to all!"

Michelle can be reached via email:


Take a seat and take some deep breaths. Imagine your favorite Tarot Deck in front of you displayed in order. Suddenly the cards begin to get a life of its own. They form the shape of a door with the five of Wands card as the doorknob. Open the door and let's see what's there.

Summer steamy day with shimmers of heat in the horizon rising up. You walk down a paved block in a city. What city is it? Somewhere you've wanted to visit or a city you know well? As you walk, you hear the sound of fighting mixed with laughter. You turn the corner to see an open field of weeds where you see four people with wands. They are fighting each other so fast all you can see is numbers flashing from the wands: 1,2,3, & 4. You watch, curious and unsure whether to stay or not. After they seem to finish their round, they all turn to you in unison. Who are these people? Do they look like people you know or could they all be you?

One of them throws you a brown wand with 5 etched into it. You catch it in midair in your hand. You can feel the life pulsating in it, almost giving you strength.

"Tell me friend, when was the last time you mixed it up?" says one carrying wand #1. "Rules and discipline are fine in its place. Sometimes, you need to let go and just see what comes of doing the unexpected."

"Well, come on," says a person behind you with wand #4. "Let's see what you got."

"What? You want me to fight you?" you ask.

"Life is all about fighting for what you want in one way or another," calls out the person holding wand #2.

You see the last wand holder with #3 just watching you. The person signals to you. You look at the wand in your hand, then look up at the steamy sky. You take a deep breath and nod at Wand holder #3. The two of you charge at each other. Do you lose or win with this person? Do you take on all four of them or leave after the first fight? How do you feel: excited, pumped up or tired?

When you are ready after your play fighting, you take your leave of your playmates and walk back outside toward the street with your wand securely still in your hand. You count to fifteen and arrive back into your reality.

Reflect on the adventure and trials with the Five of Wands in you journal. See how this can echo in your own life.


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