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Tarot Reflections

  February 01, 2003

Meditation: The Lovers
Charlene Salvaggio, PTR/RM

Charlene Salvaggio is an Artist, Reiki Master Intuitive. She lives in Ogunquit, Maine and shares various Healing Arts. She can be reached by email or through her website. 


Welcome back to the symbolic journey. We last left the storm of the Magician, at the point of Understanding, by the Pillar of Severity.

With restored faith, we confidently decide to head east on the path of the Tree of Life toward the center Pillar of Harmony.

Each step makes it clearer that a choice will need to be made. Shall we listen to the Higher Call and head north? Shall we follow our heart and head south? The North looking so honorable, yet so distant. The South appears to sparkle with brilliant warmth as it calls to us. We make the choice.

We move south toward the inviting warmth of Harmony and Beauty, by way of the path of …


Suddenly it's Spring. The air playfully harmonizes in warmth with the soft fruity fragrance of peonies and saffron.The breeze plays a soothing song to our heart as we seem to hypnotically follow along into the golden hues of Dawn. Here, before us we are greeted by the winding wide leaf vines of a vineyard, balanced in the glistening sun by rows of various fruit trees. Succulent fruits in wooden baskets are arrayed along the road.

The mouthwatering colors and ripening scents of the grapes cause us to salivate in delight and desire. We reach in a lustful haste to take hold of our vessels; in anticipation of filling them with the juices from the peach wine barrel that lures us in.

Instantly a python strikes out from behind us. Not so quickly! it warns us.

  • Have you explored every angle of your choice? Do you have the consent of the owner of this wine?

  • Are you prepared to be charged? If you drink of this fruit, are you sure you can handle the outcome?

  • How do you know it will not poison you? Once ingested, will it always be a part of you? 

  • Will you be able to accept the responsibility involved? That peach wine may quench you for the moment but could it also destroy you?

We step back, considering all that could entail this simple and impulsive choice.

The wise advice of the serpent causes us to reconsider with respect for the garden.

From this respect a new seed is planted and pressed firmly into ground, therefore unfolding our own personal fruits of The Lovers: among them, beauty, joy, patience, kindness, commitment, faith, hope and of course the greatest of these… enduring LOVE.

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Wishing you blessings of Love, insight, enlightenment and the sense to choose happiness!



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