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Tarot Reflections

  January 15, 2004

Mysterious Musings
Madame Athame, CTPHD / ASAP / PDQ

Madame Athame is a mysterious will-o-the-wisp who offers tongue-in-cheek readings that are meant to be taken as such. They are by no means a lesson in how to read the tarot for real clients.

Warning: If you are humor-impaired, the Reiki Master General strongly advises you not to read Madame Athame's column.


Q: Dear Madame Athame -

I'm an Egyptologist in search of the tomb of the ravishing and magical Queen Im-A-Ho-Sis. Her reign, in my opinion, was an important one. Some clues have reared their heads, but a few pieces are missing. If you could assist me in my search, I would be most grateful.  
Archie Oogly

A: Dear Archie -

So, you'd be grateful, huh? How grateful, big boy? Honey, it's been so long since I've engaged in a little "slap and tickle" that you'd have to be an archeologist to find everything. But I digress.

Seems to me that the Thoth deck is in order for this case, Archie. May you find your beautiful (but dead) queen.


Crowley Thoth Five of Wands Crowley Thoth Lust Crowley Thoth Eight of Swords

1) Why is the quest for Queen Im-A-Ho-Sis so important to Archie?


Your true quest is for the resolution of the stress and strife which comes from searching for ways to liberate your own Inner Queen. There's some pretty suggestive symbolism in the circle at the top of the central wand. Is there something you'd like to tell us, Archie?

2) Where is Im-A-Ho-Sis's tomb located?


On a symbolic level, she's buried in your own lusts and desires ('s getting warm in here). In the real world, someone must have moved the old dear. She's not even in Egypt. She's buried in Babylon, beneath the Temple of Ahl-Ishtar.

3) What treasures will Archie find in the tomb?

EIGHT OF SWORDS (interference)

The shackled bodies and shiny accoutrements of the queen's soldiers. These will be laid out like a pinwheel around her sarcophagus. Also, a tablet containing information about a pair of twins no one knew about. wonder she's buried with her soldiers - I think she liked them a lot!


Happy digging, honey!

Madame Athame



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