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Tarot Reflections

 January 2007

James Wells

James Wells is a Toronto-based tarot consultant, reiki master, writer, and workshop facilitator/teacher. He has been working, living, and playing with tarot since 1979. His choice-focused, proactive style make him a popular practitioner and presenter, at home and abroad. James's mission is to assist humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.

Please visit James' website: Assisting humanity to reach its full potential, one person at a time.


ARIES. Strength, upright.
Potential Challenges: Demonstrating that "life is a struggle". Compulsive, animalistic behavior. A need to act tough.
Potential Resources: Able to survive real-world situations. Realizing that you're physically stronger than you thought you were. Taking care of animals grounds and heals you.

TAURUS. Devil, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Setting limitations on yourself. Feeling like a scapegoat. Placing restrictions on your own mind and spirit.
Potential Resources: Taking responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Setting healthy personal boundaries. Creating a safe sub-structure.

GEMINI. 3 of Swords, upright.
Potential Challenges: Overplanning what you want to say. Keeping schedules or travel in the preparation stages with no action. Cramming for exams or writing deadlines.
Potential Resources: Able to set up schedules and meetings with ease. Diligently studying for educational purposes. Making lists to ensure an efficient lifestyle.

CANCER. Page of Cups, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Leaping into co-dependent relationships. Taking risks with mental illness. Gambling with sketchy spirituality or dubious psychic tools.
Potential Resources: Boldy expressing your intuition. Daring to express your most secret feelings. Recommitting yourself to a relationship with Spirit.

LEO. Knight of Pentacles, upright.
Potential Challenges: Hung up about money or material things. Sexual obsession. Too focused on what's "wrong" with your body or health.
Potential Resources: Enthusiasm for health and physical activity. Expressing passion for your work. Being a good steward of your money and other resources.

VIRGO. 7 of Wands, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Scattering your personal ki (energy). Unfocused about personal growth. Exaggerating your sense of loneliness.
Potential Resources: An increased sense of self-esteem. Healthy curiosity about your soul and/or past lives. Willing to experiment with healing energy.

LIBRA. Knight of Cups, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Overly concerned about depression. Coming off as too zealous about your spirituality. Obsessed with psychic information.
Potential Resources: Dedicated to spirituality and intuition. Paying close attention to your innermost feelings. A passion for your intimate partner(s).

SCORPIO. 4 of Wands, upright.
Potential Challenges: Acting like an egomaniac. Flaunting your anger. Revealing your true colors inappropriately.
Potential Resources: Demonstrating healthy autonomy. Forging your identity in the world. Acting like a pioneer in your chosen field.

SAGITTARIUS. 6 of Swords, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Stuck in the same old beliefs. Thinking unpleasant thoughts over and over again. Repeating what was supposed to be a private conversation.
Potential Resources: Repetition of positive affirmations. Living consistently with your values and philosophy. Regularly scheduled private meetings.

CAPRICORN. Judgement, upright.
Potential Challenges: Pushing people or things to the next stage before they're ready. Moving on prematurely. Needing to upgrade possessions (home, car, stereo, etc.) in order to "keep up with the Joneses".
Potential Resources: Stepping gracefully into the next phase of something. Enjoying important rites of passage (birthday, retirement, graduation, puberty, etc.). Embracing your vocation with maturity.

AQUARIUS. 9 of Swords, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Immersing yourself in negative beliefs. A perpetual flow of unpleasant thoughts. Getting too relaxed about your morals or ethics.
Potential Resources: Streamlining your private thoughts. Able to blend various belief systems. Holding effortless one-on-one conversations.

PISCES. Star, reversed.
Potential Challenges: Greedily pulling in what you think you need. Draining others of resources. An inner attitude of "they owe me".
Potential Resources: Being in the flow of receiving what your truly need. You are an "abundance magnet". Hope and inspiration that comes from within.

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