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Tarot Reflections

January 2006

My Inner Angel

My Inner Angel is the monthly contribution of a group of dedicated Tarot readers/lovers.

This group of friends taps from the Tarot wisdom each month, with the aim of channeling the vibes of the universe.

Some cards are drawn for the month to come, and these cards are synthesized into a poem and an article elaborating a little more on the poem's messages.

The members of the group are:
Arielle S.
Bev C.
Dennis C.
Hic C.
Mark M.
Maureen M.
Pablo L.
Peggy G.
Vasiliki P.


Cards and Initial Comments for January

From the Tiny Universal Waite - Ten of Pentacles

I honor my riches
I honor my beloveds
in times of doubt
I choose unity
in times of conflict
I choose peace

From the World Spirit Tarot - Seven of Pentacles

Our lives follow the cycles of nature
Be patient and give yourself time to decide the next step

Sum Cards

10 + 7 = 17, 1+ 7 = 8
The Star / Strength


Where is your center?
Not in the feast
Of your senses
Nor in the whirl
Of your thoughts

It doesn't lie in
The melody
Of your visions
Nor in the mire
Of your despair

Where is your center?
What is the path
That leads you
To your core?

Your center is
Outside your walls

The path unwinds
Beyond the stars

At these brief moments
When your soul is

A tender feather soaring high
In the skies of Universal Love


My dear friends, life's mysterious plan keeps unfolding with or without our intervention. Let us take a moment to feel the gratitude for all our gifts. May this New Year bring many moments of joy, good health and prosperity in your lives, peace, acceptance and patience to your hearts. May we all remember to see behind the obvious explanations and dream beyond the visible realities.


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