What Makes a Reading Special?

By Frances 

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I love readings! I think of them as a gift that I get to unwrap and enjoy. I have had thousands and thousands of readings each one unique in it’s own right. But what makes a reading special? Is it getting your question answered? Is it being renewed with hope and promise? Is it the deck or medium? Is it magick? Is it the story the reader weaves? What do you think makes a reading special?

First and foremost, I believe the connection you make with the Universe and your sitter is of paramount importance. But I also believe it’s the way you connect with the message and communicate. Your unique approach.

When I read things pop into my head, past experiences, friend’s experiences, things I have read and learned. I strongly believe they flash into my mind to relay as a message. I don’t do a reading with the intention of flipping through some virtual rolodex of life experiences, trying to find the perfect one to fit the situation. When I think of that, I get the image of my child trying to force fit an incorrect puzzle piece in place. I don’t look for situations to relate, I see and feel the pattern around me, and the message comes to me. Sometimes the message comes in as a feeling, sometimes I just know something and sometimes it comes in as memories. I have heard many readers say that they prefer to keep a distance from their sitters and not advise. My style is the antithesis of that, I cut to the chase and set to figure out my client’s options. My readings are full of advice and/or choices and as an empath, my readings are full of feelings. 

What I find so intriguing is each person has their own voice, their own life experiences and therefore their own way of assimilation. I love to see them rise to the challenge of figuring out what the universe has to say. What deck or medium are they choosing? Which part of the card is going to trigger them. What are they focusing in on? How are they going to communicate it to me. Much like a ballet, I love to watch the dance. 

There are different readers I consult for different questions or issues I may need enlightening on. Two of my dear friends are straight and to the point. They do not sugar coat anything. When I need a direct answer I seek them out. A few of my friends infuse magick in their readings. I love that and when I need to invoke the magician within me I seek a reading from one of them. Another has a lovely guide who she has connected with and she consults. This guide is also direct and clear cut. It is wild the way my friend connects with her guide and that, in and of itself, is fascinating but beyond that, I find her readings intoxicating and empowering. 

I have had readings that unfold like a story. Those are usually written or e-mail type readings where the reader can sit and let their imagination take them away. The message is at the heart of the story. I liken it to an elaborately wrapped present. It’s beautiful and exciting. I’ve had readings where the reader meditates on me and conjures up an image and weaves a fairytale out of it. One person I know makes a comedy out of the reading. It is fantastical and fun! She sometimes partners with a friend of hers and they make an interesting dialogue and riddle out of it. As long as the message is there, I am game. I have tried to incorporate a little fantasy into my readings but for me it just ends up being silly. 

The other day I had a crystal oracle reading. The reader first went through my chakras and pulled a crystal oracle card for each and then she did a 2012 spread with gifts/challenges for each quarter. It was lovely. Her knowledge of crystals and how they relate to your psyche was tremendous. It really helped me see what holds me back. She suggested I work with certain crystals and gave me instruction on how to maximize their healing power. It was very interesting and made me want to emulate her style. As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. I’ld love to use her spread with tarot or I could use it with my junk oracle or crystals oracle. I could see putting my hand in a bag full of junk or crystals and pulling one out to represent a gift and a challenge. Or I could throw a bunch of rice on the table and read the pattern for each of the chakras or quarters of the year. The possibilities are endless what is important is I walked away from the reading inspired. I felt her passion and her love of her craft and that was stimulating. 

I even enjoy the pure charlatans trying to sell me a crystal or break the curse I have around me. They are captivating. Once you have had a reading from one of them, you will understand how so many people get caught up in their webs. They have passion and purpose, albeit not a good one, but a direction none the less, and they put time and effort into connecting with the sitter. They watch the sitter and absorb as much as they can in a fraction of a second. It is beguiling. Imagine how good they would be if they directed their energy in a positive way. I have had horribly negative readings and even they have had direction and purpose. The one that stands alone in my memory was vile but the reader was true to her soul. 

The only type of readings that I find annoying and horribly disappointing are the ones where the reader is uninterested and makes no effort to connect. Like the one I wrote about previously, where the reader named the card and the key phrase for each card and that was that. I don’t see it as a lack of skill or gift, rather a lack of interest. They just don’t seem to care and to me, that is insulting. Thankfully those types of readings are few and far between. 

In my experience, most readers have a distinct charm and their readings are entertaining, as well as, informative. A good reading should leave you with a better understanding of the situation that you are asking about, and give you direction for going forward but I believe it should also stir you. It should be magickal! The reader’s passion and light must shine through and provoke you. What is your style like?

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