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Happy New Year!  I thought the banner for this month seemed appropriate given the weather everyone in the U.S. seems to be experiencing... except me and those of us in the Pacific Northwest!  Even Houston and Dallas are getting snow and they are far south of us!  The good news is that while we didn't get a white Christmas or Solstice (yards all looking dead and crappy), we didn't have the travel headaches associated with it either.

Have you made resolutions for the year?  I gave up on that long ago, but I still look at the new year's start with optimism and excitement.  What surprises and unanticipated twists will 2010 bring?  Melanie Marquis shares some spread ideas in this issue to help answer those questions!

Someone is starting the new year off right!  The winner of our December Contest, with the correct answer of The Star from the Paulina Tarot!

Congratulations, Rebecca "Minrice" Brown of Delaware, USA!

Did you get what you wanted this holiday season?  If not, you want to be sure to enter this month's contest, the prize of which is a $50.00 (US Dollars) credit or certificate toward a purchase from the Tarot Garden, House of Tarot, or Tarot Connection shop!  Lots of cool stuff!  See the details on the Contest page for more information.

Now, sit back with hot chocolate or whatever beverage you prefer to keep you warm, and enjoy articles by Jeanne Fiorini, Gary Meister, Errol McLendon, Terri C., Melanie Marquis and Adrienne Abeyta!  What a way to start the year!

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