January's Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's forecast features the classic the Swiss 1JJ Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  The images featured here are from a 1970s vintage deck that I received this year for Christmas and just had to share it, French titles and all.  Popular for decades, this deck is still being published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. and is available on their website, www.usgamessystems.com.  Aren't the non-scenic pips stunning?  All images used with the permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. -- Sheri H.


Magician (6 of Pentacles)  You are in a great position to make a financial investment and/or collect on an investment you made last year. The weekend of the 3rd is an advantageous time to initiate the first stage of your plans; don’t be surprised if you have some unsolicited support. It’s important that you’ve set the stage for the upcoming year by the end of the month, as this is a window of opportunity. Extend your generosity to those in need – this is not the time to be a scrooge! Your charity will be rewarded. 


Hermit (9 of Cups)  Quality time is best spent alone; don’t fill yourself with meaningless mental clutter. After the hustle of the holidays, find time to reflect on the year ahead. Purposeful reflection paves the way for you to forge new paths; this is a period for dreaming. You may wish to escape heavy emotions around the 5th, but if you can stay with those feelings, you’ll find a place of peace. Avoid the temptation to bury yourself in work or pleasure – stay present and focused. Search your heart for the dreams you’ve overlooked. If you can dream it, you can do it!


Star (Page of Swords)  Self-analysis requires vulnerability and openness with others. As you cultivate deeper relationships, you’ll begin to learn more about the hidden aspects of yourself. It’s necessary to get out of your head and into your heart. If you can refrain from the need to be right, you’ll discover the value of being wrong. When a younger person stirs unpleasant feelings around the 7th, try to be compassionate rather than judgmental. Keep focused on a specific goal until you know the bigger picture; too much going in different directions will dissipate your efforts. 


Tower (Knight of Pentacles)  You’re expected to pick up the pieces and begin again, and in this case it’s useless to dwell on what went wrong. An area of life that seems to be in chaos is merely a bit out of order and requires your immediate attention. Take advantage of this mishap and design a more appropriate course of action. The Full Moon on the 10th is sure to deliver this interesting detour, and, although it may hurt a little, it is not the end of the world. Take extra care of your health this month and don’t take on more than you can handle.


Hanged Man (3 of Wands)  Take heed this month and work on your patience. Make any impetuous moves and you’ll undermine a fragile project in the making. As excitement builds, so does your desire to know; however, in your quest for answers, you may inadvertently make a preemptive strike. Wait until after the 12th for pieces to begin falling in place – until then, find other ways to channel your energy. A merger of sorts is on the horizon, but before making any business commitments, be sure to read the fine print. Think carefully, too, before acting on romantic impulses. 


Death (7 of Pentacles)  It is a period to reflect on last year’s harvest – to choose what to use and what to discard. This is an important time for letting go of relationships, situations and attitudes that no longer serve you. Be cautious of how you spend your time and who you spend it with. An important relationship will be tested around the 13th, but your response will yield the results you deserve. Prepare for some hard work ahead when a project you take on this month has more to it than you realize. Once all is said and done, however, there’s much to be gained.


Hierophant (King of Wands)  Keep you head high and your ego in check; this month will serve you a generous helping of self-confidence and success. Many of your unnoticed efforts will suddenly receive the attention you hoped for. This could mean a promotion or advancement at work, or being appreciated for who you are at home and in relationships. Don’t let the success go to your head; be gracious and return the gratitude. The 16th brings an exciting new adventure with a charismatic person you will meet. This person is likely to say something that changes your views about an important situation, so listen carefully!


Empress (3 of Swords)  As challenging as it seems, you must free yourself from a toxic situation. All your good intentions have become daggers of desperation and you have nothing more to gain. Acknowledge your pain and relieve yourself of this burden. The weekend of the 17th will bring a confrontation that is long overdue. Your family will be involved in this struggle, so prepare to go somewhere else for support. Marital problems pushed under the rug will have severe consequences in the future, so address the issues now and work on resolving them. It’s also a good time to face health-related problems like addiction.


Temperance (2 of Wands)  A conflict you are currently struggling with has a much easier solution than you realize; however, to see this you must refrain from black and white thinking. There is a middle ground that will lead you to personal fulfillment – a middle ground of both positive and negative elements. If you deny your faults, they will follow you forever. Don’t let your pride prevent you from admitting a mistake, even if it costs you something or someone. A strange occurrence around the 21st will suddenly inspire new goals – be open to the possibilities regardless of what others think. 


World (6 of Cups)  This month finds you feeling nostalgic and sentimental. Take time to express your feelings to those you care about; someone close really needs your attention. Family matters are more important than usual and should be in your top-three resolutions – make goals that support your vision of what a family could be. An old wound from childhood reappears in your life, so look for ways to gently heal this hurt. Around the 24th, a sibling relationship takes on a new twist, and, as a result, you become closer and more honest about mutual feelings.


Moon (7 of Cups)  This month will be an intense time, but don’t worry, this is exactly what’s needed to change the course of your life. The goal here is to see through your own illusions, recognize the elaborate excuses you’ve created, and admit your fears and your unrealistic expectations. If you can peek behind this protective veil, you’ll realize that the obstacles are all self-made. This awareness can give you more stable ground to build your goals upon. The solar eclipse on the 25th can be used as a springboard to jump into a more conscious way of living.


Strength (Ace of Cups)  Emotions run deep enough to swim in this month, as you’re faced with impending consequences. A relationship will likely be the catalyst for this minor setback, and memories of a situation from last summer serve as unpleasant reminders. Instead of retreating into isolation, face this issue with confidence. By the 28th, the water will calm and the boat will stop rocking. Be vigilant against returning to unhealthy vices and don’t let one setback spin you out of control. Your strength isn’t measured by what you can control as much as it is measured by how little you are controlled by outside influences. 

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