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  January 1, 2004

New Year Tarot Work
Sandra Thomson, CTGM

Sandra Thomson's specialty within tarot is that of an author and teacher. She is the co-author of three books (The Lovers' Tarot, Spiritual Tarot, and The Heart of The Tarot), the author of Cloud Nine: A Dreamer's Dictionary, and the author of a dictionary of tarot, Pictures from the Heart, published by St. Martin's Press.

She teaches tarot classes at the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in Los Angeles, where she resides. Although she learned to read with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, she is very fond of the Ancestral Path and the Shining Tribe decks, and uses them for comparative or special readings. She reads online for the ATA reading networks, and privately.


2004 Year Card

First calculate your Major Arcana year card to answer the question: What archetypal principle guides me this year and how do I need to express it?

(Note: To Calculate the Major Arcana year card, add the current year to the month and date of your birth and reduce the sum to a single or double digit. If above 22, further reduce it to a number 22 or below. If already between 10 and 22, do not reduce it further.)

New Year Spread

Shuffle your cards in your usual way and face down, draw a card to answer each of the following five questions. They can be placed in any pattern you like.

  • What is ending for me?
  • What is opening up for me this year?
  • What new ideas or behavior do I need to embrace this year?
  • To what new spiritual awareness do I need to attend?
  • How can I best be all that I am meant to be?
When you understand the message of each of these cards, then create your quintessential Major Arcana card, to answer the question:
  • What soul message is mine to embrace?
(Note: To obtain the quintessential Major Arcana Card, total the values of the first five cards (If court cards, kings = 14, queens = 13, knights = 12, and pages = 11). Reduce the total to the highest number that is 22 or below.)


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